About Me

     I grew up on the Rosebud Indian Reservation near Mission, South Dakota.  Although I was immersed in this culture throughout my entire childhood, I was taught very little about the heritage.  It wasn't until my third year of college when I was studying Psychology and Anthropology that I found my passion for Native American wisdom, spiritual evolution, and the power of the psyche. 

     Throughout my Anthropological studies, I learned the academic consensus about the purpose of many indigenous artifacts.  I was particularly intrigued by small figurines found in nearly every pre-historic culture around the world; however, like with most scholarly explanations for artifacts, my intuition told me these carvings were more significant than mainstream scientists suggested.  They were depictions of humans, but the bodies were sculpted into odd poses.  I knew these were not "fertility dolls", as I had been taught.  The nagging inclination stuck with me all through school, but it wasn't until after I graduated in 2008 that I found the answer to my questions.


     I found a book in my collection (I have no explanation for how it got there) entitled Ecstatic Body Postures by Belinda Gore.  It detailed the work of Dr. Felicitas Goodman and confirmed my suspicions about the "fertility dolls".  These women discovered that when a person mimicked the poses with a rapid drum beat reverberating in the background, it would create a shift in consciousness.  For millennia, Shamans have been journeying this way to bring healing and insight to their people.  After my first journey, I knew I had a gift for seeing into and interpreting the symbols of the non-ordinary reality.  I practiced diligently and studied endlessly until I developed a perpetual communication with my guides and helpers of the unseen realms. I wanted to use this gift to help people but wasn't sure how to go about it.


     In 2014, after studying the work of many teachers and healers, I discovered Dolores Cannon's books.  Intuition struck me again, and I knew this was how I was going to help people truly heal. 


     Before QHHT, I learned Reiki, tapping, BodyTalk, and homeopathy; and, although they are all great healing modalities, they all seemed to be treating symptoms and not the root cause of the illness.  Dolores' thousands of sessions documented in her books revealed how many physical, mental, and emotional issues are carried over from past lives.  Clearing the past eliminated symptoms in the present. I knew from my studies of Eastern Medicine that all physical symptoms originate in the mental/emotional field.  By tapping into the subconscious through a deep state of relaxation, the mental/emotional wounds can be healed, thus, restoring balance and harmony to the body.  I was fascinated and immediately began the QHHT training courses. 


     I completed my Level II training in the Spring of 2018 and now offer QHHT sessions to my clients in addition to the insight, guidance, and healing I provide through my journeying.  

Portraits by Crystal Beattie at Infinity Photography

Artwork by Karry L.

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