My Approach

     I began my exploration of the astral realms in 2009.  While in this space, I gain insight and direction from my guides and, if it's appropriate, can facilitate healing from the helpers and guardians of my clients.  Before, during, and after every journey, I declare the intention that it is only for the greatest and highest good for All.

     Journeying is a non-denominational approach to connecting with the higher power that we all possess.  In one way or another, every culture and religion around the world has utilized this meditative state to receive messages from God, attain inner peace and enlightenment, or to preform divine healings.  Everyone carries the Spark of the Original Creator God, and everyone has the ability to experience this inner light.

     The Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT) was developed by the late Dolores Cannon as a way for people to tap into their own inner knowing.  This method guides people into a connection with what Dolores called the Subconscious (SC) but what many others may refer to as the Higher Self, the Oversoul, or the Original Source Energy.  Through a deep state of relaxation, one is able to quiet the chattering of the conscious mind so they can journey into the vast pool of wisdom.  During this state, obsolete thoughts and beliefs can be cleared, past wounds can be healed, and the foundation for the future can be set.


     During a typical QHHT session, the client is guided to the most appropriate time and place.  This may be a past life, the past of the current life, the spirit realm, a future life, etc.  The possibilities are endless, but the SC/Higher Self always know what the client needs to see.  The reason for the disharmonic state is usually revealed during this portion of the session.  For example, a woman comes to me with weight issues and the SC shows her a past life where she starved to death.  After reviewing these scenes, I guide the client into communion with her Higher Self and ask why she was shown that particular life.  The SC/Higher Self may say something like, "She carried the fear of starvation over into the current life which caused compulsive over-eating.  She understands now. She no longer holds the fear and will no longer over-eat".


     My personal approach to QHHT sessions includes helping my clients clear out their limiting beliefs and replacing them with positive affirmations.  When necessary, we will heal their inner child, revision their past for empowerment, and step them into their greatest potential.  For instance, a man comes to me because he has no confidence in his ability to use his talent to create a successful business.  I regress him into his childhood to the moment before his father told him his creativity was a waste of time and that he would have to work hard for his money.  Instead, I ask him to hear his father tell him how talented he is and that he will be rich if he follows his dreams.  Then we leave that scene, and I ask him to see his future self living in his greatest potential.  I ask him to describe what the grandest version of his life looks and feels like.  At that point, I guide him into merging with the best version of himself and ask how it feels to be on the path to greatness.


     The power of the mind is truly an awe-inspiring thing.  Whatever we believe, we will create.  Change your beliefs and you will change your life.  Your are the screenwriter, producer, director, actor, and audience of your own play.  If you are not happy or healthy, you can edit and rewrite the script so that you can be, have, and do anything you wish.  You have the power and I can show you how to use it.  There is a miracle waiting inside you.  It's time for you to live it! 


Portraits by Crystal Beattie at Infinity Photography

Artwork by Karry L.

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